My friend Richard Riskin, who was an audition accompanist and coach for years said to me once, there are three groups of actors: the gifted, the talented, and the untalented. You know what to do with the gifted (hire them) and the untalented (don't)... it's all those *talented* people you don't quite know what to do with. Which is why there are acting schools and those who teach in them.

Acting is a craft that can be taught. How the body works... how to free up creativity, receptivity, observation and imagination... how the mind and body work in
conjunction, and finding the pathways from each to the other...
how to read a script, how to investigate possibilities and make
strong choices... how to handle the fourth wall, actor duality
and the illusion of the first time.

I believe that knowing one's Craft thoroughly in rehearsal leads to the possibility of Art in performance. I believe all
of this comes about through positive reenforcement and a supportive atmosphere in which to create. After plenty of years onstage and behind the scenes, I find it always returns to the basics; if those roots run deep, anything can grow on top of them.

I don't believe in saying, "You'll never make it in the business." Determination counts for so much, and a different teacher,
a different school, a different environment may unlock a world
of possibilities for any student.

photos: © Terry Zinn