I’ve been directing for over 25 years– a member of SDC since 1994– and I've worked with students and stars, staged on everything from proscenium to in-the-round, shows ranging from PAJAMA GAME to DIE FLEDERMAUS  to 
Perhaps there's a project you're planning that I can help you realize.

Having a background in classical theatre, including two years with the Hilberry Classic Repertory Company in Detroit (MFA, ’79), I am a text-based director who believes in the power of language, character, and relationships between characters to fuel every show, while understanding the impact of visual interest and communication. If you’ve got a couple million to spend on a show, I would have no trouble realizing a grand-scale vision of any text, but living in the real world as we do, I certainly understand working within budgets for casting
and physical production concerns. I also understand and am always prepared for short rehearsal periods. Sometimes boundaries are what make us more creative.

I enjoy the collaborative process with producers, designers, and actors; inviting input and rational, positive discussion in order to make the show the best it can possibly be. I’m also not afraid of making tough decisions when necessary. (Fire the slacking actor? Cut the ugly set piece? Been there, done that). Most importantly, I believe that artists create best in an atmosphere of support and positive energy. I like for all the drama to be ONstage.

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